Cityville Domination Guide Will Help You Build a Good City

Hello Boys & Girls, here is a review about Cityville Domination Guide. I found it on the net and I think it’s very useful so I decide to share it also. Thanks for the author, sorry I don’t know his/her name…
If you had loved The Sims and its subsequent expansions by Maxis, you will love CityVille too. In Sims, you had to control the virtual life of one or some characters. In CityVille, you build a city in the capacity of a mayor.

CityVille had a huge launch this month on Facebook, where it is available exclusively. The response on the opening day was an overwhelming 290,000 users. The game is developed by Zynga, which also developed FarmVille, FishVille, Mafia Wars and FrontierVille.
The sad thing about CityVille, as in the case of other Zynga games is that there is no official CityVille guide. This is disadvantageous to players who play the game for hours daily and are not able to proceed beyond a certain level.
For players like this however, a guide you can use is the CityVille Domination Guide. This CityVille guide is floated by a player himself who calls himself Jason Stonewall. The website’s home page only gives information about what his guide contains and how it will help any CityVille player.
The e-book guide is priced at $27, with a warning that once the book is complete and is able to advance from the Beta stage, the price will go up to $47. The author promises to let you in on CityVille secrets which made him the top-most player that he claims he is and also CityVille tips that will help you build the city in a better way.
With these CityVille tips, Jason says you will have less stress, more respect and popularity among players and you will be able to achieve your targets. The CityVille secrets will enable you to build your city into a metropolis, control the bad tactics that will make you lose time and money, gain levels fast, get more coins, keep the goods and stocks always flowing, earn the respect of your neighbours, make CityVille cash and make the best city in just a week.
Along with the CityVille domination guide, you also get two bonuses – a free cash report and speed levelling with neighbours. Each one has its special advantages and without the main product, they are priced at $37 and $24 respectively.
You need to beware because there are many CityVille cheats out there. They could be offering tips or secrets that are basically not useful in any way. But, if you spend money buying those guides, you will feel cheated.
CV domination guide could be genuinely useful. There are some testimonies posted on the website but you would need confirmation to see whether they are authentic. Also, you need to find someone who has used the guide and felt it to be advantageous. This can be done through Facebook since only account holders can play CityVille. So, check out the buzz surrounding the guide and make a decision. Don’t buy thinking that the 60-day moneyback guarantee will help. Verify and then buy the product.
You don’t want to lose money to any CityVille cheats who can cost you money and heartache.


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